IMG_3818 2Purposeful movement is dedicated to just that – movement with a purpose.  The purpose could be physical health, academic performance, social connection, stress relief, therapeutic, spiritual or my personal favourite that encompasses all the rest –  for the sheer joy of movement itself.

The blog is constructed and written by Doug Gleddie.  Doug Gleddie is a husband and father who also happens to be an Associate Professor at the University of Alberta (Faculty of Education, Physical Education). In a career filled with change, the only true constants have been physical activity/education, working with kids and, how joy fills the spaces in between. This life-course journey has enabled Doug to work with a wide variety of people and organizations across Canada and around the world. Doug is currently researching narratives of movement and physical education, school sport as well as exploring the affective and implementation aspects of physical literacy. He takes care of his own wellness by being active with his family; improving his guitar picking and seeking new challenges each day. Oh yes, and he also writes a blog!

You can contact Doug at:




  1. I was at the 2017 hpec in jasper and I heard your presentation. Is it possible to access your slideshow .

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