About Us

The Healthy Schools LAB was started in 2019 by Drs Doug Gleddie, Lauren Sulz and Hayley Morrison – all based in the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta. This website is built on the foundation of Doug’s original blog – http://www.purposefulmovement.net.

VISION: Through research, education and action, the Healthy Schools LAB will heighten awareness and understanding of issues and opportunities surrounding health and wellness in the K to PhD education system and contribute to the collective development of a healthy, active society.

MISSION: The Healthy Schools LAB serves the public good as a community of researchers, students and partners who play a critical and collaborative role in supporting, creating and researching healthy schools. Our research and practice in Alberta, Canada and beyond encompass comprehensive school health, health and physical education curriculum and pedagogy, health and physical literacy, mental health, physical and health education teacher education, school-based physical activity, faculty/ institutional wellness and health promoting universities. We encourage and advocate for excellence across these areas in the following ways:

  • Innovative and collaborative research
  • Multi-faceted dissemination and knowledge mobilization strategies
  • Professional development and education
  • Leadership and advocacy
  • Effective networks for collaboration

You can contact Doug, Lauren or Hayley at:

dgleddie@ualberta.ca     @doug_gleddie

lsulz@ualberta.ca     @Lauren_Sulz

hjmorris@ualberta.ca     @Ms_Morrison

4 Comments on “About Us

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  3. I was at the 2017 hpec in jasper and I heard your presentation. Is it possible to access your slideshow .

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