You can find a variety of links, resources, PDF files etc. here that pertain to our work and interests.


RESEARCH 2 PRACTICE: these 2-4 page ‘research briefs’ are intended to help practitioners access the latest research in ways that can impact their own context. Let us know what other topics you’d like to see!

1. Effective Ways to Engage Girls in PE: girls are less likely to be active than boys. This R2P research brief provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities, shares the latest research and links to resources you can use in your #physed program.

2. Sport for All: school is for everyone, why isn’t school sport? This R2P research brief includes a look at the benefits of sport, shares recent research and explores how school sport can be more inclusive.

Shared Documents on Google Drive: check these out and be sure to add your own contributions!

Teaching Games for Understanding A Google Slides global sharing file with theory and practical activities for TGfU

Classroom Energizers Google Doc with a wide variety of classroom based activities for kids and adults

Instant Activities Google Slides with LOTS of go to PhysEd activities from teachers all over the world

I CAN Assessment Google Drive folder to share your rubrics, “I Can” statements and other assessment ideas

Alternate Track and Field Ideas Google Doc with some ideas for “activity days”

Other Resources:

Active Start Fundamental Movement Charts – a set of 40 fitness charts for creating circuits on fitness and FMS

PHE Canada – Canada’s national physical and health education professional organization has a wealth of free resources, programs and initiatives.

Ever Active Schools – a go to site for HPE, HPS and curriculum support in Alberta and beyond!

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