We thoroughly enjoy opportunities to speak at conferences and special events (once we are able to do so again, of course!). Check out the feedback from attendees below as well as a list of upcoming events and previous engagements.


Upcoming Events:

PHE Canada Research Council Forum. Sessions TBD. Online, April 28 & 29, 2021

AIESEP Scientific Conference. Sessions TBD. Online June 8-10, 2021 (p.s. we are involved in hosting this conference!)

Past (5 years) Speaking Engagements:

Gleddie, D.L. (November 4, 2020). Reflective practices in physical education. Online guest lecture to the Honours Specialist class in Health and Physical Education. York University, Toronto, Ontario.

Sulz, L.D. & Gleddie, D.L. (April 25, 2020 – cancelled due to COVID19). Re-imagining sport participation and athlete de-selection. Keynote presentation at the Ontario Coaches Conference. Hamilton, Ontario.

Sulz, L. & Gleddie, D.L. (February 27, 2020). School sport for all. Keynote presented at Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention. Edmonton. Alberta, Canada.

Sulz, L. & Gleddie, D.L. (February 27, 2020). School sport for all workshop. Workshop presented at Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention. Edmonton, Alberta.

Sulz, L. & Gleddie, D.L. (February 14, 2020). School sport for all. Keynote presented at Endless Skies Teachers’ Convention. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Sulz, L. & Gleddie, D.L. (February 6, 2020). School sport for all. Keynote presented at North Central Teachers’ Convention, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Sulz, L. & Gleddie, D.L. (February 6, 2020). School sport for all workshop. Workshop presented at North Central Teachers’ Convention. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Gleddie, D.L. & Sulz, L. (December 17, 2019). Creating a culture of wellness: a whole-school approach to physical literacy. Elk Island Catholic Schools. Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Gleddie, D.L. (2019, November 29). Purposeful Physical Education: For and With Joy and Meaning. Invited to deliver the16th Jennifer Wall Address, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

Gleddie, D.L. (2019, November 28). Joyful and meaningful movement: Experience to action. Invited to deliver a graduate student seminar, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.

Gleddie, D.L., Sulz, L., & Morrison, H. (2019, October 18). Experiential learning opportunity: Juggling wellness with pre-service teachers. Oral presentation at National Forum on Wellness in Post-Secondary Education, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gleddie, D.L. (2019, July 3). Living & Learning to be Healthy & Active. Invited keynote presented at the Canadian Association for School System Administrators annual conference, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gleddie, D.L. & Morgan, A.J., (2019, April 26). Physical Literacy PRAXIS: Infusing Your Physical Education Practice, ChargedUp Education Conference, Online.

Mauro, J., Sulz, L. & Gleddie, D.L. (2019, January 31). Re-imagining school sport: Critical conversations with stakeholders. Invited pre-conference session at ‘Shaping the Future’, Lake Louise, Alberta.

Keynote (with Dr. Brent Bradford): Intersections between Health and Education. (December 10, 2018). Education Society of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB.

Keynote: Adventurous Play and Taking it Outside. (November 17, 2018). Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference, Hong Kong, China.

Keynote: Creating a Culture of Wellbeing: What’s the Evidence? (November 8, 2018). College of Alberta School Superintendents Fall Conference, Calgary, AB.

Keynote: Ah, SUMMER! (June 26, 2018). City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Recreation Experiences Staff Training Day, Edmonton, AB.

Keynote: Physical Literacy Praxis: Moving from Theory to Practice (November 18, 2017). Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference, Hong Kong, China.

Keynote: Purposeful Movement: The Joy of Being. A Kid. (June 23, 2017). Out of School Time Collaborative Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Keynote: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Put on Your Stretchy Pants and Lead Heroically. (May 26, 2017). Be Fit for Life Superhero Training Day, Edmonton, AB.

Keynote: No Limits: Get Outside and Take a Risk. (May 12, 2017). Presented at the Health and Physical Education Council’s Annual Conference, Jasper, AB.

Keynote: Purposeful Physical Education: The Joy of Movement. (2016, December 2). Presented at the Association of Physical Educators of Quebec Annual Conference, Montreal, QC.

Keynote: Purposeful Physical Education: The Joy of Movement. (2016, May 5). Presented  at the Saskatchewan Physical Education Association Annual Conference, Saskatoon, SK.

Keynote: Physical Literacy Praxis. (2016, February 11). Presented at the CCTCA – EAS Symposium: Healthy Students, Better Learners, Calgary, AB.

Keynote: Bridging the Gap: Mental Health, Physical Activity & You! (2016, January 29). Presented at the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools Wellness & Mental Health Day, Fort McMurray, AB.

Attendee Feedback:

We had the privilege of inviting Dr. Doug Gleddie to our 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference  (APPEC) in Hong Kong, November 2017. Doug did the opening keynote – no easy task to an audience of over 300 buzzing, hopeful Physical Education teachers, Heads of Departments, Athletic Directors and a scattering of Heads of Schools and Principals. Flying in all the way from Canada did not dampen Doug’s spirit in anyway and he had the audience in the palm of his hand from the first word he spoke! His talk was enriching, very funny, thought-provoking and appropriate for the diverse group of International Educators that he was addressing. What came across in that talk (and in the many varied workshops that he offered throughout the weekend conference) was his passion for teaching, his genuine care for the students that we are trying to help and his understanding for the teachers assigned to that task. Doug’s energy and enthusiasm never faltered all weekend – always seen in a conversation with someone, a smile on his face and advice to offer. Doug was absolutely key in creating an amazing start to our conference and followed through with equally awesome workshops – engaging, empowering, funny and sincere. I would highly recommend inviting Dr. Doug Gleddie to your next conference if you are lucky enough to get the chance! Janie Grant, APPEC Committee member, Physical Education Teacher at Hong Kong International School.

Many times, we sit through speeches or lectures and find our minds wandering. However, during Doug’s keynote at the APEQ conference, I felt connected with him and fascinated by what he was saying the entire duration of his speech.  It made me realize how much of an impact a Physical Education teacher has on the culture of a school. His keynote speech really got me thinking about the culture in my own school and how I could improve the way my community perceives the P.E. program. I had never considered the word “culture” when it comes to my P.E. program but I now use it quite often when talking about P.E at my school. He spoke with such passion and it was inspiring. Thank you for leading the way and promoting the value of Physical Education programs across Canada. Meaghan Macro, Association of Physical Educators of Quebec Conference Attendee (2016) and Physical Education Teacher.

Dr. Doug Gleddie’s keynote address, “Purposeful Physical Education: The Joy of Movement”, at the 2016 Saskatchewan Physical Education Association conference was an engaging and relevant message that engaged all delegates. It was obvious that Doug took the time to prepare an insightful keynote address that drew on his own personal and professional experiences in engaging students in physical education. He was able to connect with our audience, mainly educators in the K-12 system, with his messaging relevant to the Saskatchewan teaching landscape. It is apparent that Doug is a student-first educator, with research-based evidence to support his message. His down-to- earth yet professional approach made a positive impact on our conference delegates. Doug’s student-first message is applicable not only to physical education, but as well as all classrooms in the K-12 sector. Not only is Doug rooted in a student-first philosophy, it is evident he is also believes in a teacher-first approach when it comes to professional development of educators. Daunean Dash-Rewcastle, President – Saskatchewan Physical Education Association

We were beyond thrilled to have Dr. Doug Gleddie be a keynote speaker at our State IOWA AHPERD annual convention in June of 2015.  Doug brought a lot of fun, laughter and out of the box thinking to our state.  His keynote session was packed on a Sunday morning as our members anticipated a great keynote, but he brought much more than just words.  Doug was eager to help answer as many questions as possible during our entire convention.  He got to know many of our members and was a wonderful resource AFTER the convention was over.  Doug truly cares about Physical Education teachers/students and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge about health and Physical Education. Jennifer Peterson, President – IOWA Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance

3 responses to “Speaking”

  1. Barrie Walsh Avatar

    From: Barrie Walsh
    Brookside Jr. High School
    2239 Prospect Road
    Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia
    B3T 1R8

    Dear Doug,

    BJHS has started a uniquely positive Twitter campaign. Each day we are sending out a new student-written tweet focusing on how our students deal with stress in positive ways. The tweets are already written. We want to invite you to follow us on Twitter @brooksidejh. Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues. We will follow back.

    Thank you very much.


    Barrie Walsh
    Teacher & Project Coordinator

    1. dgleddie Avatar

      Hey Barrie,
      Already following Brookside!
      Looks like a cool project,
      All the best!

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